Gabino Martinez

Gabino Martinez   My Name is Gabino Martinez. I'm 52 yrs old & for most of my life I considered myself to be a good man, someone who believed in God and considered myself a Christian. From time to time I would go to church, I was baptized twice and I had always heard the term born again many times, but never really knew what that meant until it happened to me. I had heard stories of people becoming born again when they were at their lowest, in a deep dark place like prison. For me it was at a time in my life when I was growing in my relationship with Christ, at the same time my marriage was falling apart. I went through a divorce that I did not want to go through, I loved my wife. After my divorce I remember feeling like a failure, I raised my hands and said, Ok God... I give up! I can't do anything right, I can't do anything on my own, take me and do with me what you will. And He did talk about being born again. He gave me a new life, a new identity and a new gift. My new life and identity is one where He took me, a lifelong Handyman with a 10th grade education who never took an Art class and turned me into an artist who is now performing live art shows all over the country at Conferences, Fundraising Events, Corporate Events for clients such as the McDonald's Corporation. When I saw that my live performance paintings were raising upwards of three to six thousand dollars each for fundraising events I knew I was blessed and taught myself Wow! I'm going to be famous! And I began to pursue that by trying out for TV shows like "America's Got Talent" and others. But God was quick to let me know that he didn't provide this gift for me to be famous & do what I want. He provided this gift to me so that I could bring glory and fame to his son Jesus Christ. When everything I tried on my own never yielded results I quit pursuing opportunities on my own and began to let him take control and take me where he wanted me to go. The opportunities began to come my way. I remember getting calls and being asked about how to book me and who's my booking agent. That's when I began to see that God was and is my booking agent. He began to open doors for me that no booking agent could have ever opened. I began to get calls from people and event planners all over the country. One of the first opportunities to perform on a big stage was the African Music Awards Show that was broadcast all over the Motherland with Lisa Yaro a Nigerian artist. After that many other doors began to open including my first sporting halftime event in front of 20k fans at the Dallas Renegades XFL football game at globe life stadium.

   I used to say that as a handyman I didn't have a boss and worked for myself. I’m proud to say that now I have a boss, and I work for God. I'm blessed and love knowing that my Lord and savior Jesus Christ is leading me. My life and work has become a Ministry that goes and performs live Christian art shows to residents of nursing homes, shelters and wherever God leads me  Including volunteering & joining other ministries and sharing my testimony at prisons, jails and shelters.

I'm blessed and excited to see what God has in store for me and where he leads me next.

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I started mentoring ten year old Performing Art Student "Andres Campa" who is now sixteen.

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Gabino's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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