Rezo Faroyan

Rezo Faroyan   What did Rezo Faroyan believe while growing up as a Yazidi? Yazidis believe in one God and worship seven angels. Melek Taus, known as the Peacock Angel, plays the most important role. Worship of the Peacock Angel is where the label “devil worshiper” stems from. Christianity and Islam view the Peacock Angel as a fallen angel or devil for refusing to bow before Adam. Yazidis interpret this as a test of the Peacock Angel's commitment to God and see the Peacock Angel as the chief of God's angels.

Rezo: I never wanted to become Christian. I wanted to be a strong Yezidi. I grew up in the Yezidi religion. I asked myself why we don't have Yezidi religious books. And when I was eight years, I drank and lived for serving Satan. Two times I tried to kill myself. After I married I sinned, and lived for sin and then one day I will die. I started to use drugs, but one day I went to Christian church and thought that I will kill pastor in Georgia and that was my goal. Each time I would go to the priest thinking that they would help my nation. Some missionaries would come from Armenia and they would start a home group, and it was 18 years that I gave my heart to Jesus. I had joy and started to laugh. At first would fight these people, and they just pray for me. I didn't understand why these people were so different. I would do bad things, and they still loved me, and they would pray for me. When I totally surrendered to Jesus, I gave Him my family and we would serve God. We have two children. My daughter is 18 and my son is 16 and our whole family serves God. We are not perfect, but it's good but that we try. We do not have a big church in Georgia. We have 50 to 60 Kurdish people attending our church.  It is a very difficult time to work in Georgia. We get the lower level jobs that don’t pay well because Georgia is not a strong economic country. Many people lose their job and many Kurdish people in Georgia have jobs, like cleaning streets. During the pandemic it was very difficult for all the people, but praise the Lord we don't lose love and our community is growing during this time.  We have started an online ministry and have many Kurdish people who don't know about us started to come to our church. Our doors are opened to introduce people to God. Many different people with different backgrounds are being ministered too.  We started with forty-four people from poor families. For example we would minister to poor unbelievers.  We visit Muslim families and we pray for them. We may visit them two times per week and we see this ministry growing here in Georgia. Two years ago we met World Mission Alliance (WMA) from Branson, Missouri and thousands of people were blessed. They bought a car for a church. Cars here are expensive, and we were really blessed. Just one month ago they opened a metro bus for local transport. With transportation we can help people. We had a summer camp for children teaching the children about God. This has been a blessing to the Kurdish community.  Our purpose is not for Kurdish people only in Georgia, but to bring the word to Turkey, Armenia, Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.  I sometimes take small groups and visit different counties like Turkey. We want to evangelize them. Two times we established missionary schools in refugee camps. This is helping to stop abuse in Georgia. In 2015-16 and we published training materials and we take small groups of ten people to visit at Turkey, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and also these refugee camp. We go to a refugee camps from Iraq and Syria, and three or four times World Mission Alliance help us. We buy food and clothes for refugee people, and have prayer meeting for these nations. The refugee people really need our prayers and our help. Until now all camp were closed and many people lived in different cities and nobody helps them like our men helped them. We try to visit them, pray for them and many of them are professionals and they are accepting Jesus. Home groups of three and four to larger home groups of twenty-five, forty, sixty people Muslims would gather, but from 2014-2015 they became Christian.

   Our ministry to Kyrgyzstan started ten years ago when I met one guy, one family and there's this couple who was Russian, but they work with Kurdish people. When we visit them, we see people come from the Kurdish village. Our provision comes from God. Please pray for our family and our personal needs. Our daughter is a student and God showed us what she can do with her education. We give how God all the glory. Our son is a sportsman, but it’s very difficult to be sportsman in Georgia. God showed him a way how he be more deep in God and use his talents and gifts for the kingdom of God. God gave us wisdom to lead this ministry and is very similar way we start new home groups. Some of the unbelievers want to know about Jesus. Even though they are Jewish, they have an interest in Jesus. Thank you, and can we pray for you.

Rezo's Hearing His Voice Testimony

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