What is Happening on College Campuses


Charlie Kirk Speaks at 2020 CPAC:

Charlie Kirk speaks about Socialism on college campuses: ttps://

Conservatives punched and spray painted in the face:

Silent majority growing on campus that wants to hear the:

President Trump is Protecting Free Speech:

Campus Conservatives Flock to Turning Point USA:

Charlie Kirk SLAMS Identity Politics:

Charlie Kirk Gen Z Will Be the Most Conservative Generation:

Charlie Kirk Speech – Turning Point UK Annual Dinner:

The Charlie Kirk Show. The Left’s Oppression Obsession: We analyze the flawed and racist prism through which the left views America as nothing more than a brutal and cruel dynamic of oppressor vs. oppressed, and how they plan to weaponize this narrative to fundamentally transform and deconstruct the greatest nation, and the greatest economy, in the history of the world.