About Us

Welcome to the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Training Website. Our purpose is to equip and empower men to become business and family leaders in their community, state and nation. We have developed a five section “Business Multiplication Plan” that will encourage you in your Christian walk.


  • Understanding the need for a vision and determining a mission to fulfill the vision;
  • Developing your spiritual and secular communication skills;
  • Organizing chapter meetings that will introduce guests to make a positive life changing decision through listening to a dynamic personal testimony of a businessman;
  • Renewing and developing Christian leadership skills for business and family;
  • Positioning men in the marketplace to positively impact their environments.

Each step helps businessmen experience God, mentor men through seminars and equip and empower these men to impact others in the marketplace.

Several years of extensive travel to many nations around the world with a message of hope in Christ has lead to a deep understanding and awareness of the need of men of all ages to be mentored in ways that lead to productive, successful and fulfilled lives.

Many of the younger men of the present generation have had limited to zero Godly fatherly guidance and are looking for answers to the large questions of life. We hope to meet those needs and at the same time challenge our mature Christian men to act as mentors to this Joshua generation (ages 20-40). As each man receives and finds his spiritual gift or gifts and uses it or them, he will become one of the “Happiest People On Earth.”

Follow the easy instructions and enjoy the “Business Multiplication Plan.”