Letter of Invitation for Full Gospel Global Forum San Diego, CA USA

All attendees need to go to the brochure website:  Then, under MENU, click on “Welcome” and follow the instructions as stated under “URGENT NOTICE”. You can advise them that every country’s U.S. Embassy has its own requirements to enter/visit the U.S.A.

The URGENT NOTICE states: “It is imperative that every non-resident refer without delay to their own nation’s U.S. Embassy & Consular website for details on obtaining a Visa which must accompany other required documents. [And also that] ESTA's with Visa Waivers can be obtained for some European and other specified countries.”

In order to obtain an official Letter of Invitation from the Full Gospel Global Forum, such letter must be addressed to their country’s allocated U.S. Embassy, High Commission or Consular (whichever their country requires). You would send the official Letter of Invitation, in PDF format, together with your response cover letter, to the applicant which they, in turn, must take together with their application, to the address of the Embassy, High Commission or whatever they’ve given you. Please forward the information below to Douglas Raine at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

It is highly likely that you will have to obtain and include in your official letter the following:

  1. a)Date of your Letter of Invitation
  2. b)Subject: Request for VISA for travel to the United States
  3. c)Name, physical address, Telephone/Call Number, Fax Number and email address of the assigned Embassy / High Commission / Consular
  4. d)Date, name, venue, full address of the event they will be attending
  5. e)Each applicant’s full name; residence address; date of birth; Passport Number
  6. f)The applicant’s Fellowship Name (i.e., Business Men’s Fellowship, Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship, Gatekeepers Singapore, or whatever)
  7. g)Their chapter name and address
  8. h)Position/role in the Fellowship (i.e. leadership position, or if merely member, state that)
  9. i)Any other vital information their U.S. Embassy requires from them

Douglas Raine – Full Gospel Global Forum – Leadership Team